Canon Pixma TS8350 driver free download for windows

By | October 17, 2019

Canon Pixma TS8350 Printer Driver Review

This printer driver has a premium model not owned by other brands because this year Canon has released the latest product named Canon Pixma TS8350. After I saw it on the Canon printer driver’s internet site it had the best reviews and lots of recommendations from previous buyers. So I would suggest to you, if you are looking for a quality printer driver, then choose this model Canon Pixma printer driver. This printer is worth buying because it already has 5 stars on many reviews. Very true, if we look physically or cover, this canon driver has a modern and unique design, canon involves the natural color on this driver cover so it is very nice to see. In addition to having a good model, this printer driver has matt textures and has a 4.3 in color to screen. All you have to do is click just like operating a smartphone. With touch screen support in this printer driver, users can easily operate all features provided and are very fast to browse all features. This printer driver supports a footprint with a size of 37x 32 cm and a width of only 14 cm. With a size not too big, this printer driver is a multikinase printer driver, you can easily move from one place to another.

Canon Pixma TS6250 Design Review and Speck

Talking about the practical and soft design, this Canon model is very suitable. Because this printer driver has 100 input tray bins, it has a modern design for the cartridge. On the front and protrudes only have a size of 5 cm.

Canon Pixma TS6250 Specifications Review

This Canon claims that the TS8350 printer driver is able to provide speeds of 15 ppm for black and white-colored paper, as fast as 10 ppm. But on the front of the paper that has a color image is also very strong color produced. Because this printer driver is capable of printing high-colored paper with a speed of 17.8 ppm approximately, this driver has also been tested with text paper on the front only takes only 8 seconds. The color produced by this printer is very attractive with a speed of 5.19 ppm. For this reason, this printer driver is suitable for home and office work, just like you print a pdf file on this printer driver, it is very capable of producing high-quality prints. Canon TS8350 has been tested with several photos of 7830 photos of different sizes. But unfortunately this printer driver is not an option for duplex printing, because when the printer 1 page to move to the next page has a pause, the average length of the pause is 3.75 ppm. But do not worry if you print a color photo with size A 10x 8 in, this driver can make a very fast speed a few minutes or can be under 30 seconds. For photos below 10×8, this driver may be faster when printing.

Canon Pixma TS6250 Review Network connection and install

As with other Canon Pixma models, the Canon Pixma TS8350 also has several connections to make it easy for you to print photos. For connection this printer driver already supports USB cable, USB host, LAN cable and Wireless connections, to get maximum results I recommend you print media with LAN and Wireless cable connections, in addition to having high speed on these connections, the print quality produced is also very as good as producing detailed colors and writing on non-blurred paper. Of course, before you use this printer you have to install software, usually, you can get the software on the purchase box or you can download it on the official page. To install it is very easy, just select the program file called exe, click run, accept and wait until the process is complete. For settings in the program file, if you have successfully installed, you can see the settings guide in the manual book, in the manual book there are several examples of settings that you can sample according to your printing needs.

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