Canon Pixma MG540 printer driver free download for windows

By | October 16, 2019

Review of canon Pixma MG540

If you are looking for a printer driver, it has smart specifications, is stylish and doesn’t require a lot of space. So I suggest you buy a printer driver from this Canon, Canon recently released a new product named Canon Pixma mg5450. In addition, for selling in the Canon market, the prices are very cheap, but you need to know that at a low price you can get top quality. This type of Canon has two paper input trays and can be used for double-sided printing and also has a very high print quality, which has a value of 9,600 dpi x 2,400 dpi.

In addition, this printer connection supports a wired ethernet network that can help you scan images quickly and in high resolution. This printer driver has modern touch screen access, can use touch and swipe like your smartphone to access various features of the Canon driver. The Canon MG540 touch screen has a dark panel and there are sensitive buttons that are on all the time. So with these buttons, it can help you when you want to get to the feature quickly.

Design of canon Pixma MG540

This printer requires a cartridge type ink, which has a black pigment ink section for text and black, gray, cyan magenta and yellow cartridges typically for high-resolution prints. All that, you normally access with the control panel on the device to be marked, but you will find it hard to see the back of the ink container, so you have to insert the cartridge in half with a full of feeling. You can also tilt the screen or control panel.

For print jobs and the printer’s front panel is open, it has swinging support to form the output tray. You can also extend it with manual support for handling large A4 paper, but can only pull a one-inch sheet, maybe the large paper will be a little messy. Therefore, the support must be withdrawn before you can close it back to the front panel. Two paper legs close only are slung under the printer, which handles 125 sheets of plain paper and 20 photo papers.

Specification of Printer Pixma MG540

Usually, the specifications are not too well done in good results, but this printer driver can do according to user satisfaction. This is the fastest printer to pass the test as many as 25 sheets of testing with a speed of 13 ppm. But this is very lacking, if the color output produced is not too good, because when tested with color prints only travel at 2.6 ppm. But you can scan prints quickly if you are connecting to a fast wireless network, such as through a very fast USB and very high resolution resolved.

If seen the naked eye, for printouts this printer has good output when printing graphics in the form of black text only. As for color printing, the results are usually equally sharp and thick enough. For color photocopies and a little bit of gray, this printer is very good. It only takes 12 seconds, you can finish quickly. Although this printer driver is not the fastest printer to print photos, the results of the 6 ink system provided are very good for producing color designs. The black and white prints I think are pretty good with neutral colors.

Basic Specifications of Pixma MG540

Users = more
Maximum original print resolution = 9,600 x 2,400 dpi
Maximum optical resolution = 2,400 x 4,800 dpi
For 24-bit output bits
Has a standard USB, Ethernet, and wireless connection
Weight 4.8 kg
The noise is very normal

How to install Pixma MG5450

After I review the Canon Pixma mg540, this printer is the best in its class at a very cheap price. To see the price you can visit the official website because this article is only for your consideration before buying. If you ask how to install this printer driver, then the way is very easy, you just follow the manual book given when you buy, because all the complete and the software you can get in the manual book is usually a CD or you visit the official website. That’s all for the Canon Pixma MG540 printer driver free download for windows

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