Canon Imageclass MF269DW Printer Driver free Download

By | November 11, 2019

Overview Canon ImageCLASS MF269DW Printer Driver Review If you need a printer driver with a fairly expensive price but want full features maybe the canon imageCLASS MF269DW you can choose. Indeed, this printer driver included in the entry-level monochrome laser all in one. This printer designed for small home users or light office work such as document printing. In addition to the connection, you can choose several methods because this type of canon has many features. For the scanning and photo process, this printer driver is able to print and scan automatically in 2 pages. You can also get modern features, high performance and excellent print output for high graphics.

This printer driver is the last model of the long line for entry-level printers. Even though it is entry-level but has AIO monochrome laser features, printer drivers have been used by many people in the world for 7 years, this proves the quality of Canon is very good. In addition, they have a product test before it is marketed, so that when users wear it will not be disappointed. If you replace the cube-shaped, you can do it easily. The weight of this printer driver is 14.8 or 15.4 inches and 29 pounds. It’s quite heavy considering the features used are quite complete.

Canon MF269DW printer driver looks almost similar to the MB223 laserjet pro which features similarly monochrome AIO. When talking about smaller sizes, the smaller printer driver is the Epson Work Pro WF M5799. For printing documents such as copying, scanning and faxing you will get 50 ADF auto-duplexing sitting and this can be done automatically scanning, for 2-side speed on multiple documents only requires a short amount of time. Meanwhile, for the control panel you will be very easy to look for features, because the homes, back, start-stop, energy-saving.

canon imageCLASS mf269dw printer

              Canon imageCLASS MF269DW

Canon Imageclass MF269DW Printer Driver Specifications

For the connection, you can get many choices. But the standard in this printer driver you will get a standard connection 1 computer via USB, Ethernet, WiFi, and WiFi Direct. Finally, you can prepare a network protocol for connecting via a smartphone, so using a remote printer driver using a smartphone will be very easy and simple. Another connection is to use an application called Apple Airprint, this application is only for iPhone users. Canon Business for iPhone and Android smartphones, Google Cloud Print and Mopria. All of them are third-party applications that can help your work. But don’t forget, to get network support on third-party applications you must have NFC near field communication. And done, for the output that can be read is a JPEG, TIF and pdf file format. Apart from that, it doesn’t support it.

Canon ImageClass MF269DW Printer has a very fast capability of only 1 minute for 1 page, which is already supported by the default AIO and duplex printer which makes it faster. After testing, that speed will increase if you use an Ethernet network and standard computers with Windows 10 Professional software.

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